Corporate Info

KAIFA Viet NamKAIFA Viet Nam

- Kaifa Vietnam Co., Ltd is enterprises with 100% foreign invested capital established under Investment License No. 1075/GPDT issued on 09/12/1994.
Headquartered in No. 11, Ho Nai 3 Industrial Zone, Trang Bom Dist Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.
Phone Number: 0613.671.704 - Fax: 0613.671.705
- Capital:
     + Capital : 9,000,000 USD.
     + Initial legal capital capital : 1,018,790 USD.
     + Current capital: 7,234,173 USD.
- Land Area :
     + Total area : 13,200m2 (Workshop 1) + 15,529 m2 (Workshop 2).
     + Factory area : 6,400m2 (Workshop 1) + 6,540 m2 (Workshop 2).
- Total employees :
     + Taiwan : 06 người.
     + Vietnamese : Over 400 peoples.
- Main products :
     + Front and rear shock absorbers for motorcycles.
     + Stemp motorcycles.
     + Front and rear suspension car..
- Major clients:
     + VMEP Viet Nam Company.
     + YAMAHA Viet Nam Company.
     + KYMCO Viet Nam Company.
     + The manufacture and assembly of motorcycles in other countries….
- Certificate ISO/ TS :
     + ISO 9001 :2000 date : 23/12/2003.
     + ISO/TS 16949: 2002 date : 19/12/2007
- Number of production in year: 1,000,000 vehicles per year.

Operational ManagementOperational Management

KAIFA Industry Co., Ltd. was established in May 1969, specialized in manufacturing and designing of shock absorbers for automobile and motorcycle as well as the oil and air press of relevant spare parts for vehicles. In the past 30 years, there are many efforts of design have been made, the technique of manufacture has been promoted and sub-structionalized; moreover, the peculiar enterprise culture and management function has been built up gradually.

Facing the internationalization, liberalization, speed and competetion-oriented new e-era. Not only KAIFA will insist on the spirit of customer service and innovation, focus market development on both international and domestic category, show our diversification and internationalization field of views, but also will become an excelent multinational enterprise with our brand-new omnibearing competative strategy in the near future.

Operation ConceptOperation Concept

Honest, Accurate, Innovation, Variation
Manufacture high quality products in a manner of pursuing truth and perfection!
Develop top scientific technology in a manner of pursuing novelty and diversity!

Quality PolicyQuality Policy

Not accept defective products.
Not produce defective products.
Not outflow defective products.

Environment PolicyEnvironment Policy

Advancing the environmental system continuously and effect the operation.
Reduce the waste in the industry.
Decrease the total quantity of pollutants.
Economize the energy resources and implement the prevention of pollution.
Observe discipline and promote the recognition of environmental protection.

Company History

1969.05 Founded by Mr. Fu Ching Lu initial capital NT$ 3 million.
1969.08 Beginning the assembly of motorcycle shock absorber.
1975.11 Joint Venture with Japan SHOWA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD..
1977.03 Obtaining technology for production of motorcar’s shock absorber.
1981.03 Mr.Fu Chung Lu became president.
1992.02 Approved by Ford Lio Ho for Q1 grade system.
1993.01 Obtaining technology for production of M.T.B’s shock absorber.
1994.12 Registered for the certification of ISO 9002 quality management system.
1994.12 KAIFA VIETNAM INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was founded.
1996.05 Joint technology with Japan TOKICO.
1997.10 PT. SAN CHING INDONESIA was founded.
1998.01 Registered for the certification of ISO 9001/QS 9000 quality management system.
1999.11 Registered for the certification of ISO14001 environmental management system.
2000.09 Acquired the Gold Tower Award of National QCC Contest.
2000.11 Acquired the Industry Excellence Award of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2001.06 Current capital funds accumulated to NT$ 476 million.
2001.08 Acquired the Quality Management Award of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2004.11 Approved by China Motor for TQ Award (A Ranking).
2006.01 Registered for the certification of ISO /TS 16949 quality management system.
2007.05 Mr.King Hsu Chiao became president.